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Описание видео: Brazil Cases, 2,012,151 Deaths, 76,688 Bangladesh Regent Dhaka hospital owner Mohammad Shahed arrested Allegations he issued thousands of fake negative coronavirus test results 10,500 coronavirus tests, 4,200 were genuine, 6,300 test reports, were given without conducting tests Fleeing to India in a burqa More than a dozen people detained by authorities in recent days Saying they were virus-free without testing them Also accused of charging for treatment, after agreeing that his hospitals would provide free care Italy Suspended flights to Rome from Bangladesh Several passengers arriving from Dhaka tested positive Some of those who tested positive in Italy were allegedly carrying negative coronavirus certificates from Bangladesh, (Shakirul Islam, Migrants Rights campaigner) Coronavirus direct cause of 89% of pandemic deaths in Italy Remaining 11% of positive cases Cardiovascular diseases, 4.6% Tumours, 2.4% Respiratory illnesses, 1% Diabetes, 0.6% Dementia, 0.6% Digestive system, 0.5% Virus was fatal in 28.2% in those who had no co-existing illnesses 71.8% had at least one other condition. India 125 million people put under a new lockdown in Bihar France Prime Minister Jean Castex, masks will be compulsory in all indoor public spaces Spain 93,000 mink in eastern Aragon 80% of the mink had been infected with the coronavirus Farm workers then tested positive Catalan, three districts in Barcelona must stay indoors North-eastern city of Lerida, 160,000 people Allowed to leave to go to work, buy food or medication, or to exercise. I want to use my story to remind Oklahomans that if you aren’t feeling well, we want you to get tested. US Cases, + 77,300 = 3,576,221 Deaths, 138,358 Hospitalizations, 56,000 Infections rising in 41 states Masks Walmart Publix CVS Target Best Buy Starbucks Costco Kohl’s Gun pulled in a Florida store (NBC) Utah packed room about masks with 5% wearing masks Georgia Governor banned cities from requiring masks Testing Long lines of cars 48 hours or less, up to 2 weeks 3 days or more, contact tracing, almost impossible to reduce the spread Rockefeller Foundation America faces an impending disaster If it doesn’t dramatically increase testing 4.5 m a week now to 30 m a week by October Rapid 20-minute antigen tests Shut everything down Or let hundreds of thousands of Americans die Or use testing as a way out Houston Army in hospital Oklahoma Kevin Stitt Has actively pushed to reopen his state Felt “fine” apart from feeling a “little bit achy”. Melbourne Second wave, security guards, who admitted having sex with quarantined travellers, Stamford Plaza in Melbourne 31 cases with phylogenetic link Al-Taqwa College, (Islamic school) 76 students have tested positive, 160 cases linked Community transmission Brett Sutton (Victoria CMO) Numbers reflect behaviours and mobility from 10 or more days ago Additional measures may be required Longer term illness Severe cases still ill some weeks after SW Sydney cluster Dr Jenny Musto Spread by a 50 year old man from Melbourne (phylogenetics) Crossed border just before it closed Worked through the day (3rd July) then went to a party that night at the Crossroads Hotel... “Pretty shocked” quarantining away from his family and working from home.

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