He thought he was meeting a teenage girl for sex. Instead it was a man with a camera.

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Описание видео: He posed as a 13 to 14-year-old girl to see if there would be any responses. I had just been talking with some of my friends that weekend and we were watching Chris Hansen videos,” Joseph tells EastIdahoNews.com. “It’s scary. A Pocatello Police officer saw the footage and called Joseph in around 9 p.m. Hansen’s videos gave Joseph an idea. “I pulled out my camera and started recording the confrontation,” he said. The video was posted on Facebook by Idaho Against Child Predators and had over 36,000 views as of Wednesday afternoon. “The Pocatello Police Department readily admits that this situation should have been handled differently and would like to apologize for the initial delay in investigating this incident. He spoke with EastIdahoNews.com about how it all went down. “The suspect was positively identified, interviewed and admitted that he thought he was meeting up with a juvenile female to have sexual relations.” Borzumowski was arrested and booked into the Bannock County Jail where bail has not been set. “It happened extremely quickly. Joseph says he had no plans to meet up with anyone but set up a meeting with Borzumowski at Upper City Creek Trail in Pocatello. “The citizen was acting on his own accord, without the knowledge of or the assistance of any law enforcement agencies,” the Pocatello Police Department said in a statement to EastIdahoNews.com. Instead, the suspect encountered a grown man who confronted him with a camera. “I had no idea it was to this extent.”... “Within an hour, there was a guy saying he wanted to meet up.” In the video, the alleged conversation between Joseph, acting as a teenage girl, and Borzumowski unfolded. Hansen was an NBC News personality who hosted the extremely popular ‘To Catch a Predator’ television show where he would confront men who showed up at homes looking to have sexual encounters with young women and men. You just have to make (kids) aware of the dangers out there,” he said. “He didn’t even acknowledge me. Within a few short messages, Borzimowski allegedly asked, “So you down for some fun?” Borzimowski then allegedly explains he wants to have “public fun,” meaning sex in a public area with the chance of getting caught. As always, we continue to strive to improve the services we provide to our citizens,” the police statement says. He pretended to be on a phone call.” With the messages, video, description and license plate Borzumowski’s truck, Joseph went to the Pocatello Police Department. “I had 15 to 20 people messaging me within minutes,” Joseph said. Desmund Shae Borzumowski, 26, was arrested Tuesday night by Pocatello Police for felony enticing a child over the internet. The man who recorded the video asked not to be identified for safety reasons so we’ll call him Joseph. A portion of the video posted on the Facebook page Idaho Against Child Predators POCATELLO — A Pocatello man is behind bars after he allegedly tried to meet up with a teenage girl for sex. “The situation was reviewed further by members of the police department and a case was initiated,” the police statement says. Joseph acknowledges he placed himself at risk and while he does not plan to confront other alleged predators, he hopes to continue spreading awareness. “The citizen provided this information to dispatch and initially, it was felt no crime had been committed since the 13-year-old victim was fictitious and the citizen was acting without authorization from any law enforcement agency.” Frustrated by the response, Joseph posted the video on Facebook Tuesday. He downloaded Whisper, an app that allows users to post anonymously within a geographical area. He arrived and found Borzumowski sitting under a tree in some brush.

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