Honest Conversation: Dating In Colombia, Sex, Culture, and Youtube Growth feat. Life with David

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Описание видео: 1) The focus keeps going in and out because on one of my shots the dogs knocked the camera over and messed up the censor. 3) I tried doing jump cuts in the beginning but it ended up being like an hour long so I gave up lol. USA 36:10 Paying Bills While Doing Youtube 38:10 Portraying Colombia Honestly 44:37 Experiencing Youtube Growth... You can find him here: youtube.com/channel/UCO5jmZ0603MPt63VbAcqX2A ____ → FOLLOW and LISTEN TO MY MUSIC! 4) I slept 1.5 hours the night before, so I apologize for all the likes I use in the beginning of the conversation. 2)This is like a podcast kind of thing so feel free to listen to it as a background thing. My name is Wesly Thomas and welcome to my channel! Wes 0:00 Purpose For The Video 1:52 Why Medellín? 9:09 Experience as a Foreigner/Approaching Women 16:34 How Important is Spanish? 18:31 Are Colombian Women Easy/Sex in Relationships 20:40 Are Colombian Stereotypes True? 22:38 Best Way to Meet Women? 25:49 Dating Games 30:15 Dating in Colombia vs. I promise it gets better. We talk about dating, culture, being a foreigner, differences between here and the US, as well as our respective journeys with our Youtube careers and our growth. I produce all the music for my videos :) Today I brought in my friend David with Life with David to talk about his time here in Colombia! Sorry for a few things with this video, this was my first time doing one this long. Cheers! +INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/wesleezy +SOUNDCLOUD: soundcloud.com/wesleezy +SPOTIFY: open.spotify.com/artist/0ko1hU924XkzxG9vJ75Ruq?si=A22N1JHMSvm0e8840FPydA +FACEBOOK: facebook.com/wesleezy ____ I\'m using a Sony a5100 Camera.

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