Jamie Windust | A Non-Binary Journey | Durex: The Real Sex Guide

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Описание видео: In this video, Reed Amber and Florence Bark focus on uncovering the challenges faced by the non-binary community, as part of a social project they’ve embarked on with Durex. Without discrimination or judgement. RB-M-08720... Please subscribe if you’d like to see more. 00:51 – 1:59 social media and self-expression 02:00 – 03:29 social media negativity 03:33 – 05:00 coming out 05:10 – 05:45 challenges of non-binary in today’s world 05:48 – 06:42 freedom of self-expression 06:47 – 09:59 dating for the non-binary identity 10:00 – 11:44 getting non-binary \'out there\' via the media 11:44 – 12:39 advice for kids coming out 12:40 – 13:16 next generation non-binary Did you enjoy this video and find Jamie\'s story helpful? We\'d love to hear your comments. From navigating social media, to coming out, to self-expression, to dating and next generation non-binary, Jamie gives insight into the intimate experience and the challenges faced by the transgender and non-conforming identity. Jamie Windust shares an up close and personal take of their own journey, as a non-binary activist. Durex creates a series that challenges sexual norms. It goes hand in hand with the Durex brand mission: to challenge society\'s \'sexpectations\' and to give an understanding of what real, good sex is – for everyone.

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