July 15, 2020 El Shaddai Hong Kong Chapter Healing Message of Bro. Ed Ballesteros

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Описание видео: HOW IS THIS MANIFESTED? POPE FRANCIS (2014 MISSION SUNDAY MASSAGE) SAYS. I GIVE PRAISE TO YOU, FATHER. Ed Ballesteros Reading: Matthew 11: 25 - 27 THE GOSPEL PORTRAYS JESUS\' LOVING RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS FATHER. JESUS REJOICED IN THE HOLY SPIRIT.... · They are beginning to understand that God\'s Kingdom is at hand and is in their midst, and that this kingdom is found in Jesus. · This are the shepherds, donkey - drivers, peddlers, tanners, and Tax collectors. JESUS REJOICES OVER HIS INTIMATE "KNOWLEDGE" AND RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS HEAVENLY FATHER. Title: The Praise Of The Father Preacher: Bro. APART FROM THE APOSTLES, THE LITTLE ONES INCLUDE PEOPLE DESPISED BY SOCIETY AND BRANDED AS "SINNERS". JESUS ADDRESSES HIMSELF TO THESE SIMPLE PEOPLE WHO SINCERELY WANT TO OBEY GOD\'S LAW AND PRAYS TO THE FATHER IN THANKSGIVING FOR THEIR OPENNESS.... · This moment of deep joy springs from Jesus immense filial love for his Father, Lord of heaven and earth, who did those things (the mysteries of the kingdom of God) from the wise and leaned, and revealed them to the childlike. · They have no place in respectable Jewish society, yet Jesus considers them "blessed" because they are open to Jesus teachings. · He is ecstatic that the Father has revealed certain things to the little ones. · The Apostles are considered God\'s Little ones, not because of their age or innocence, but because of their openness, humble heart, and teachable spirit.

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