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Описание видео: Combination of consonants and vowels to form syllables Pronunciation Rules- youtu.be/eNC4fsgZHJU Lesson 2 Basic Korean sentence structure-youtu.be/IBLo4m3yznw Lesson 3 part 1Korean Particle 있다/~에 -youtu.be/fzA94KMvP8c Lesson 3 part 2 & ~이/가 as a Subject Marker--youtu.be/xdvF8uYdl7s Lesson 4 korean verbs and adjectives/의 Possessive Particle/좋다 and 좋아하다/(우리)- youtu.be/ZjlJLl33V1g Lesson 5 Korean Adjectives (Extensive)/ To be a lot of: 많다/Particle ~도 -youtu.be/s_U3uA2BbLU Lesson 6 PART 1 Conjugating VERBS into past, present and future tense/ days of the week vocabs-youtu.be/8RAD2EvUPY4 Lesson 6 PART 2 Conjugating ADJECTIVES into past , Present and Future tense-youtu.be/9FpSu2xTizs Lesson 7 Korean Honorifics-youtu.be/TEJh6myhT_g Lesson 8 Korean Irregulars-youtu.be/C0GKqOrNiE4 Lesson 9 Korean Adverbs and Negative sentences in Korean-youtu.be/dzg7bc2R7YM Lesson 10 PART 1 CONJUGATING 이다-youtu.be/2prHErE81Rs Lesson 10 PART 2 conjugation into future tense-youtu.be/zVIB-ARfJDY Lesson 11 Korean Numbers-youtu.be/YbUWak-pRhY Lesson 12 동안, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years-youtu.be/HAnynyREcRc Lesson 13 KOREAN PARTICLES 들, 만, 에서, 부터, 까지 and 로-youtu.be/Mb0hhl52730... You will also learn another way of conjugating verbs, adjectives and even 이다 into future tense other that the last time we have studied about in Lesson 6. Hangeul/consonants- and vowels youtu.be/mvMi09hYvrQ Lesson1 part 2. Lesson 1 part 1. In this lesson, you will learn how to conjugate 이다.

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