LOVING ON EACH OTHER Sexual Fears Part 2

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Описание видео: This episode was funded completely by support on our Patreon page. Doe\'s contact info: TWITTER : twitter.com/elleteedee TUMBLR : tumblingdoe.tumblr.com FACEBOOK : facebook.com/sexplanations INSTAGRAM : instagram.com/sexplanations DFTBA : store.dftba.com/collections/sexplanations WEBSITE : sexplanations.com Support Sexplanations by becoming a sexpla(i)naut: patreon.com/sexplanations patreon.com/sexplanationspodcast... The episode is long (podcast style), there were moments where we thought about shortening it, but we kept it mostly raw because why not. December 2018 I, Lindsey Doe, sat down with my friend Richelle to talk about our sexual fears. Dr. Here\'s a link to that original episode : youtu.be/vLC3aOmR8lo Now half way through 2020 it seemed important to revisit these fears and talking through new ones. Thank you for making content like this possible. You can see how I am with the people I love.

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