Millennials Discuss Pre-marital Sex in Singapore | Noted | SG Layers

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Описание видео: 06:12 Increased acceptance of pre-marital sex is due to pornography. 02:12 Traditional asian values influence societies\' opinions on pre-marital sex. We aim to create interesting and engaging content to highlight the different conversations and viewpoints of Singaporeans. Find us: Instagram: Facebook: Business Enquiries: Talent: CJ: Andy: Gwyneth: Charlene: Fir: SGLayers is a brand new channel! 07:55 Teaching youths about safe sex will encourage them to not be abstinent. Music: Epidemic Sound... 04:10 Dating someone who is abstinent is a deal-breaker. Are Singaporeans still conservative in their thoughts about pre-marital sex? We invited five Singaporeans to discuss pre-marital sex, dating, the taboo surrounding pornography, safe sex education in schools and more! This series, Noted; is not centered around a debate to change the mind of individual participants, but it is simply a platform for conversation. Want to contribute? Join our future episodes: Questions: 00:00 Introduction 00:39 Pre-marital sex is wrong and should only happen after marriage.

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