Permaculture v Organic Gardening with Alex Odeja

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Описание видео: Alex started the Permaculture Jax Action Club back in 2010 (it eventually went onto Facebook). Let’s see if he can “pull it off” (literally). Alex is currently working on The Starwalker Project. Hope to see you on the call!... Alex Ojeda was raised by a pack of wild hippies in the late sixties and early 70s. "The difference between organic gardening and permaculture" (explains what permaculture actually is, not just gardening) "How to live without the system (mostly)". Despite being vegetarian and long of hair, the people treated him with civility and over the years he connected to modern society. . If this class brought you value, consider donating to support us at: Or Paypal at . This is our 4th year of offering these free classes as a way for everyone to connect to a working regenerative community. This week\'s guest speaker is Alex Odeja, sharing on the difference between organic gardening and permaculture. It was strange and exciting, but somewhat unsettling. This class is for everyone and everyone is welcome to tune in to this free event. This comes from years of personal experience in doing the most with the least energy and doing most everything without the need for solar panels (even though I have them), natural gas, petroleum, etc. He’s been heard saying that he’ll keep it up if he can keep his head screwed on. In response to the coronavirus and for the safety of everyone in the community, our Free Permaculture Classes have shifted from in-person, hands-on, in the garden teaching to online Zoom calls to help reduce the possible spread of infection. One day he found himself in the city living with non-hippie people. . He studied permaculture with many learned teachers, his mind blew out the side of his head, he put it back in, all rearranged, and began teaching the Permaculture Design course in 2013. . We are so excited to be able to continue to offer these classes to you during these intense times. Over the years Alex has taught 100s of workshops and put on many events. . Let’s continue this discussion in the community group! . Find Alex Odeja Online: Facebook Youtube Permaculture Jacks Group on FB . It’s built for the future. Resources Mentioned in the Class: Earthships Fungal dominated soil Willie Smits Ted Talk . Over the years, he learned how to build structures, grow food, convert gas cars to electric, fermenting, distilling, biogas, solar, building Earthships, permaculture design, capture and use rainwater, and generally living off the land. And creating nearly everything you need yourself.. One day he realized this isn’t what most people learn and that some few individuals would be interested in learning how to do it too.

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