St. Robert Podcast #44: How exploring sex toys helps you became a better fuck

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Описание видео: We talk about: - Sex toys - Why should you consider using them with both your regulars and new girls you meet - Why it’s so hard for a women to reach orgasm and what steps you can take to become the guy she will want to fuck more and more - Several resources to learn about sex - books and online courses - What’s a good starter sex toy to get - How to go from the first one to owning a fuck-machine Shownotes - Free daygame, texting and dating courses - Struggling with approach anxiety and doing enough sets? Check this - Doing a lot of sets but can\'t get results? Check this - In this episode I sat down with Vikija who works at Latvia\'s largest sex shop and is the magic lady giving educational seminars on sex toys, female and male anatomy and how to have a more fulfilling sex life(or, in our language - be a better fuck).

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