STORYTIME: The Worst Sex Experience Of My LIFE!

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Описание видео: Remember if you truly want to be Every guy or girl fantasy it\'s not about how you look it\'s about how you act and think. I love you guys more then I love myself!!!! Thanks for the 200 subs again!!!! We\'re going to hit 300 subs no no no 1000 subs in no time!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------About Me and My Setup in this video: Name: Lron Zodiac sign: Cancer Height 6\'2 Age:17 Camera used: Lumix g7 Editing software: Imovie Thumbnail creator: Phototshop. This video was in no way meant to hurt or bully anybody this is Hey guys ITs EGF Ron here with another video of course and I\'d like to thank you all for tuning in I had a lot of fun in the process of this video and I hope you did too Like if you enjoyed and Sub if you want to see more of me in the future. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My other channels: Gaming: EGF Gaming --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My socials: Instagram : EGF.Ron Twitter : EGFRon. Instagram: EGFGaming. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- current sub count at video launch: 247 sub goal: 300 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------bad sex story time worst sex ever worst sex story time channel story timee worst sexual moment my worst sexual experience... Don\'t forget to stay safe and treat everyone right!!

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