Why Are STD Cases Skyrocketing When Millennials Are Having Less Sex Than Ever? | Bustle

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Описание видео: So once again, we find that a lack of sex education and resources leads to a sexually unhealthy population. Watch to see if you go about STD discussion and prevention that same way as these adults. Resources: CDC: STD Fact Sheet: bit.ly/30haW1n CDC: STD Prevention Infographic: bit.ly/3eAWtm7 CDC: Just Diagnosed w/ an STD Next Steps: bit.ly/32CC0Lx CDC: Find an STD Testing Site Near You: bit.ly/2OwfKdN When was the last time you had a conversation with a hookup, date, or partner about your sexual health situation? If you didn\'t talk about it, did you at least make sure to use a condom or protection? If you\'re like a lot of the people in these surveys, you probably didn\'t do either of those things. Have you subscribed to Bustle Digital Group on YouTube? ►► bit.ly/2BUqGfA FOLLOW US! Research: Facts about STD Cases per Demographic in America: bit.ly/3eAruqc & bit.ly/3fHPppi Current STD Rates in America & CDC Funding: bit.ly/2CaTtzT & bit.ly/2DR1zht Survey Answers on Millennial STD Habits: bit.ly/3jd5bKD Morning After Pill + STD Cases: bit.ly/2CaTJyR HIV Treatment + STD Cases: bit.ly/3h0Oosq Closing of Safety Net Health Centers (Planned Parenthood): bit.ly/2DR1zht CDC Prevention Resources: bit.ly/2CcdPbY Digital Love is a series that pairs research with real stories to explore dating and relationships in the digital age. We don’t know who needs to hear this, but condoms are not just for birth control. Since the morning-after pill is readily available and most STDs are treatable (including long term treatment for HIV), millennials seem to be less concerned with using protection. In addition, government funding for organizations that educate and treat these diseases has been drastically reduced. Bustle.com/ Instagram: instagram.com/bustle/ Facebook: facebook.com/bustledotcom/ Pinterest: pinterest.com/bustledotcom/ Twitter: twitter.com/bustle... There seem to be a lot of reasons that add up to an epidemic level of STDs in America right now.

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